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Rules for submiting a Koi Event.

  • All the events should be related to nishikigoi.
  • To approve a koi event, there should be a link to the events page of the associated club / association or organization.
  • Regular montly meeting of koi clubs /associations or organizations will not be approved.
  • All pond pulls/Ikeage events are welcome.
  • One commercial event will be approved for each vendor. The commercial koi events can be anyone of the following.
    • Koi Auctions
    • Growout Contest
    • Koi for sale

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Following is a quick video to show users how to add koi events on Koi Calendar. 

Koi Events sumbission rules are subjected to change without notice. In the event of any errors or ambiguity in these koi event Rules, Koi Calendar Administrator reserves the right to modify these rules or correct any such errors or ambiguity. Further, Koi Calendar Administrator reserves the right to accept or reject an event based on the rules mentioned in Koi Events rules above.

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