After being successful in publishing the first video only website for Koi, in the world, Koi TV® ( team is publishing the second website, Again its a FREE service by Koi TV® for the love of koi. This website will be an evloving website.

Finally, we got all Koi Events in one place! Time is valuable for all of us. Here is a smart way to track Koi events.

In the past Antony and I have missed a lot of koi events, just because we didn’t get enough time to track it. From that time onwards we were thinking of an easy method of tracking koi events around the world. That is how Koi Calendar was born. Koi Calendar is a website were Koi clubs and koi organizations can advertise their koi events to the public for free. We hope Koi Clubs and Koi organizations will utilize Koi Calendar by adding their Koi events to To our knowledge, the best way to promote koi is by promoting koi shows. Following is a quick introduction video of Koi Calendar.

 For the users convenience koi events added to Koi Calendar are downloadable to Microsoft Outlook. Koi Calendar is also user friendly with mobile devices and works without a glitch with google searches. Here is a quick video to show users how to add koi events on Koi Calendar.

All the events added to Koi Calendar are moderated by Koi Calendar administrators. The events are also embeddable on other koi websites. This helps the web masters to easily manage the koi events. The events added to Koi Calendar will be updated automatically to the embedded page. Check out this video on how to embed koi events to your website. This is another service by Koi TV® team.

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